Spring Geography & Environmental Studies Awards

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Molly McCabe
Outstanding Undergraduate, Geography and Environmental Studies

Molly McCabe began her journey at UCCS in the Fall of 2019. Four years later, in May 2023, she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies, minoring in Theater, and earned the Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science. Through different classes, Molly has proved herself to be a bright, independent, and mature student; and achieved a 3.9 CGPA. During her last semester at UCCS, she was a student TA for several GIS courses. Molly is fascinated by the complexities of geographic theories and discoveries relating to humans and the environment.  She was joyful to have accomplished several technically challenging GIS classes regarding remote sensing, spatial analysis, spatial database, and internet GIS applications. She is eager to apply her knowledge and skills to practical applications and make a better world.  Molly accomplished all the above while working part-time at two jobs, as a Stage Manager for the UCCS Theatre Company and as a Customer Service Associate at Lowe's.

Joshua Herman
Outstanding Undergraduate, Geology Minor

Joshua Herman is this year's recipient of the Geology Minor Outstanding student.  Josh excelled in his coursework, both in the classroom and the in the field, earning a 4.0 GPA in the minor and graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies.  Through Josh's coursework he discovered a passion for geology and a strong desire to learn about the amazing Earth history on display throughout our area. His enthusiasm for being in the field was infectious and he helped to engage and tutor students in their field work. Looking to broaden his research experience, this past summer Josh assisted with a master’s thesis project examining rock glacier morphology in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Josh was also instrumental in helping to revive the UCCS Geology Club, serving in the role of Vice President.  In describing the impact of the Geology Minor program, Josh states, “This experience has evolved the way I see the world I live in, recognizing rock types and features in the stone as I explore, taking extra time to observe and enjoy it. I appreciate the knowledge that I gained in understanding the geology of Colorado, my home state, and how it came to be as it is now, over the course of roughly 2 billion years”.  After graduation, Josh hopes to pursue a career in hydrogeology, with an emphasis either on groundwater supplies or the dynamics of alpine watersheds. Congratulations Josh, we are excited to see where your future pursuits take you!

Evan Kinney
Outstanding Undergraduate, Sustainability Minor
Julie Cochran
Jacqueline Beyer Fellowship
MJ Johnson
Jacqueline Beyer Fellowship