College of Letters, Arts, & Sciences

LAS Awards Ceremony

Honoring the Summer and Fall Class of 2022!

Tuesday | 12/6/2022

4-6 pm | Berger Hall

About the College

The College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (LAS) is the most diverse college on campus, combining vibrant research and scholarship within and across the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts with engaging courses that provide strong foundations for any higher education degree.

Our award-winning faculty will support and energize you across our 18 discipline-specific departments and programs offering an expansive selection of degrees from undergraduate to doctoral programs, including student-driven interdisciplinary degrees.

Recent News

Allen Schoffstall

Allen Schoffstall, a UCCS chemistry professor, was recognized on June 9 at the William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center during a celebration of the chemistry department and a toast to Schoffstall for his 55-plus years of teaching at UCCS. Read More...


For more than 20 years, Thomas Wynn and Fred Coolidge have been thinking about cognitive archaeology: the science of understanding how human brains evolved, using materials early humans left behind. Now, Wynn, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Coolidge, Professor of Psychology and CU Presidential Teaching Scholar, have co-authored a book that further defines the discipline. Read More...


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