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Vidler UCCS

Dear LAS Community,

This fall marks the beginning of my second year as your dean. While last year we faced unique challenges, I feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing community—a community that made a sincere effort to welcome me. In this past year, we demonstrated that LAS is full of students, staff and faculty who genuinely care about each other and about developing and improving as a team.

Over the past year we have taken on the challenges of our nation’s pandemic: scaling the steep learning curve of shifting teaching modalities and managing our professional and personal commitments with creativity and innovation. Through it all, our community remains committed to an engaging and evolving learning environment, to each other’s professional development and to supporting each other inclusively and equitably, especially when the pandemic did not impact us all equally. I am proud to be a part of this team.

We are again called to adjust to our circumstances while facing new organizational challenges. Together, we will grow our understanding of the new budget model, work to clarify performance expectations and continue to find ways to support research and teaching efforts impacted by the pandemic. It will be challenging. Therefore, I ask you to care for yourself and each other, to communicate with patience and respect and to approach the year with a new curiosity and wonder for learning and collaboration. We are a community of strong, resilient individuals, but we are so much stronger together.

Thank you for everything you do. Although we have some challenges ahead, our mission remains constant: to develop innovative ideas through research and to graduate life-, community- and work-ready citizens for the State of Colorado.

I look forward to celebrating your many successes.

Go Mountain Lions!

L. Lynn Vidler, Ph.D. (they/them/theirs)
Professor and Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
University of Colorado Colorado Springs


LAS in the News

A Day in the Life of a Dean (July 14)

Dean Vidler just moved to Colorado from South Dakota! They were able to begin moving into their home, setting up their office, and getting acquainted with the other staff and faculty members of the college!

Te veo. Te escucho. Me importas. (July 10)

¡Hola a todos! ¡Bienvenidos a nuestro canal!
In the second piece of our ongoing introduction to our new Dean, hear Dean Vidler as they speak to the LAS community about the importance of strengthening our contributions to diversity, equality, and inclusion in our community.

LAS Welcomes New Dean (July 3)

Please join us in welcoming UCCS’ College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences’ new Dean: Dr. Lynn Vidler! Dean Vidler just moved to Colorado a few weeks ago, but they have been doing some amazing things at their previous schools! We can’t wait to see what they bring to ours and how they get involved in our community!

Hello From Dean Vidler (June 30)

A hello message from the new Dean of the UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

The Chronicle of Higher Education : Coping With Coronavirus. How faculty members can support students in traumatic times

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  1. Our Mission is YOUR success
  2. We offer Peak Learning Experiences, practical experiences including internships and research with faculty.
  3. You’ll join a great group of people, more than half of UCCS students are enrolled in LAS.
  4. By taking courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, you will gain breadth of knowledge across many disciplines.
  5. Our distinguished faculty will teach you to think, create, and communicate, skills highly desired by employers and graduate schools and transferable to many different careers.

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