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The College of Letters, Arts & Sciences offers degrees of all levels, from bachelor's to doctorate programs. With a robust menu of departments and programs within the college, students can choose from a variety of majors and minors in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.



Biology Classroom

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Biology, MSc - Focus Options:
    • Ecology and Evolution
    • Molecular and Cellular Biology


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Student in a chemistry lab

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs



Geography & Environmental Studies (GES)


Interdisciplinary Studies

Languages & Cultures


Math classroom

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs


students studying in the library on UCCS campus

Undergraduate Programs

  • Philosophy, B.A.
  • Philosophy and Psychology, Dual B.A.
  • Philosophy and Political Science, Dual B.A.
  • Philosophy and History, Dual B.A.
  • Philosophy and Sociology, Dual B.A.
  • Minor in Philosophy
  • Minor in Religious Studies
  • Minor in Classics
  • Minor in Asian Studies

Physics & Energy Science

Students walking on UCCS campus

Undergraduate Programs

  • Physics, B.S. - Focus Options:
    • Energy Science
    • Solid State
    • Secondary Education
  • Minor in Physics

Graduate Programs

  • Physics, M.S. - Focus Options:
    • Thesis
    • Non-thesis
  • Physics, Ph.D.

Political Science

student studying in the library at uccs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Political Science, B.A. - Track Options:
    • American Politics & Public Law
    • Global Politics
    • Public Administration
  • Dual BA in Philosophy and Political Science
  • Minor in Political Science
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Civics




Undergraduate Programs

  • BA in Sociology
  • Online BA in Sociology
  • Dual BA in Sociology and Philosophy
  • Dual BA in Sociology and Psychology
  • Dual BA in Sociology and Women’s & Ethnic Studies 
  • Dual BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Minor in Gerontology
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology & Justice Studies
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Sociology of Diversity
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Disability Studies
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Family & Child Studies
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Social Dimensions of Health & Healthcare
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Civics: WEST & Sociology

Graduate Programs

  • Sociology, M.A.
  • Accelerated Master’s Program (concurrent BA/MA) in Sociology
  • Dual Degree: MPA in Public Administration/MA in Sociology
  • Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Diversity
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods in Sociology
  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching Sociology

Technical Communication & Information Design (TCID)

Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

The Ent Center for Visual & Performing Arts Building on UCCS Campus

Undergraduate Programs

  • Visual & Performing Arts, B.A. - Track Options:
    • Art History
    • Film Studies
    • Music
    • Music/Creative Music Performance
    • Music/Composition & Sonic Arts
    • Theatre & Dance
    • Visual Art
  • Museum Studies & Gallery Practice, B.I.
  • Music, B.A.
  • Music, B.I.
  • Minor in Composition & Sound Design
  • Minor in Creative Music Performance
  • Minor in Music Technology
  • Minor in Music History
  • Minor in Music

Women's & Ethnic Studies (WEST)