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  • Anthropology

    Anthropology is the study of humankind throughout space and time; as such, the field of anthropology brings together the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to explore the full range of diversity in the human past, human biology, and social life and practices.

    The UCCS Department of Anthropology serves our students and community by promoting and advancing a nuanced understanding of human origins, history, and diversity. Integrating creative and robust research with outreach to students and the community though teaching and service, we provide our students with rich opportunities to learn and collaborate both in and out of the classroom.

    We focus on opportunities such as team teaching, interdisciplinary coursework, and integration into applied and hands-on research projects to give our students a well-rounded look at the human experience.

  • Army ROTC

    The focus of this program is to recruit, develop, and commission college-educated men and women to serve as officers in the United States Army. Participants in the program are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Army upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree. They will serve in either the active Army or in the Reserve component (Army Reserves or Army National Guard) after commissioning.

    The program is centered on teaching the principles of leadership, attributes and competencies of Army leaders. These principles apply to positions in the military or in civilian careers. All courses of instruction develop leadership and management skills as well as enhance the self-confidence, and initiative of each student. Military Science is taken in addition to the required courses for each students major. ROTC is a four-year program that is divided into two phases: the basic course and the advanced course.

  • Biology

    Our mission is to provide excellent classroom teaching integrated with relevant research and practical experiences that will prepare students to be innovative and knowledgeable professionals in the biological sciences, as well as critical thinkers and engaged citizens.

    We offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and a Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) degree. In conjunction with the College of Education, students can specialize in K-12 biology education.

  • Chemistry & Biochemistry

    We strongly believe in providing a positive educational experience for our students. As stated in our campus Core Values, "We will seek the development of a multicultural campus environment in which each person contributes unique talents to make the university a better place and, in turn, is fully valued and supported.” Our goal is to recruit and foster a diverse population to pursue careers in chemistry-based sciences, including chemistry and biochemistry research, medicine, medical research, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, and teaching, to name a few.

  • Communication

    Whatever you decide to do with your life, you will need to know how to communicate. Communication is a fundamental part of life. Human beings communicate orally, in writing, through body language, across cultures, telling stories, using digital media, using social media, as well as many other ways.

    Because the field of communication is so broad, we offer a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in five different areas of study that we call tracks. These tracks are taught by specialists in each of the different areas of study. All of the Communication Faculty have studied, done research, produced film, or have worked professionally in their field. Internships are also available in several of the communication tracks.

  • Economics

    Welcome to the Department of Economics at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The department’s faculty members teach and conduct research in various fields of economics. We have approximately 170 undergraduate majors. Our faculty members also serve the profession through community outreach, publication, and memberships in academic associations. Their expertise translates into high quality instruction in their fields.

    Our principles of economics classes provide an introduction to economics for hundreds of students from across the university each year. For many students, this is their first and only exposure to economics in the classroom, and we take seriously our responsibility to help students become economically literate.

  • English

    The Department of English at UCCS offers a Bachelor of Arts in English with distinct emphases:

    • Literature
    • Rhetoric and Writing
    • Secondary Education
    • Pre-Licensure Elementary Education and Pre-Licensure Special Education

    Many of our graduates have gone on to teaching careers in elementary education, secondary education, special education, and higher education. Alumni who pursue teaching careers have placed well locally and nationally. Teaching at any level is an important and meaningful career. Yet the English major provides transferable skills adaptable to a variety of careers and has been called the most useful pre-professional degree.

  • Geography & Environmental Studies

    Welcome to the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (GES) where award-winning faculty provide a wealth of high-impact learning opportunities to students in inclusive, small-sized settings both inside and outside the classroom. Our outstanding faculty and inquisitive students are compelled to a greater understanding of the places, people, and environmental systems that affect us as a planet and as global citizens.

    We offer undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) degrees, as well as minors in Geology and Sustainable Development, and an undergraduate certificate in GIScience. Our degrees incorporate diverse intellectual approaches, conceptual tools, and geospatial technologies all of which prepare graduates for professional careers that have real-world impacts and make a difference. Take a class and get hooked!

  • History

    The Department of History is a community of scholars who seek to understand the past and strive to introduce students to the process of historical thinking. Our undergraduate and graduate programs offer students a broad education in many fields of historical inquiry and prepare our graduates as engaged, knowledgeable, and contributing members of society.

    Our program offers courses from ancient Greece to the modern Middle East, and features faculty with expertise on the history of peoples on every inhabited continent.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies

    We are happy to see that you are interested in an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree (INDS). This is a new degree option that offers students a way to merge multiple interests to create a unique degree. An interdisciplinary degree could address a need that cannot be met by existing structures or provide an opportunity for students to pursue compelling interdisciplinary directions in their own research and teaching.

  • Languages & Cultures

    By integrating second-language acquisition with a culture-based communicative approach, the faculty of the Department of Languages and Cultures is committed to providing students with academically rigorous, life enriching experiences that advance knowledge in a spirit of discovery through theory-based cultural exploration and analysis. These goals contribute and reflect the campus´ mission and goals regarding diversity, global outreach, awareness and understanding. The objective of the Department is to provide students with the linguistic and intellectual bases and structures necessary for critically assessing and living in the pluridisciplinary, multicultural and global environment of the modern world.

    We aim at providing students with an excellent education in an environment that stimulates their intellect and awakens their interest in the human spirit. At the core of our mission is facilitating the tools that will allow our students to grow into aware, fulfilled members of our global society.

  • Mathematics

    Welcome to the home page of the UCCS Department of Mathematics! Our department offers bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees. We are also involved in a number of outside-the-classroom activities, including the Math Club and various math competitions. Our website contains information about all of our programs, as well as info about the numerous career paths which use math.

  • Philosophy

    The Philosophy Department was one of the original programs on the UCCS campus. In 1966, one year after the university received the Cragmor acreage, philosophy was established as part of the Boulder department’s offerings under the leadership of Resident Dean Richard Francis.

    From its origins as a branch department, the UCCS Philosophy Program soon became an independent department offering the major in Philosophy.

  • Physics & Energy Science

    Welcome to the Department of Physics and Energy Science! We are an enthusiastic department devoted to excellence in both teaching and research. Here are some examples:

    • Many of our faculty have won college and/or campus-wide Teaching Awards
    • Two faculty members have been named as CU Distinguished Professors, the highest honor possible for a University of Colorado professor
    • Four members of the department have won college and/or campus-wide Research Awards
    • Four members of the department have been named "CU Inventor of the Year"
    • We involve undergraduate, Masters, PhD and high school students in our research
    • The department has over $5 million of research equipment and state-of-the-art research labs
  • Political Science

    The Department of Political Science is a scholarly community of teachers and researchers who strive to be experts in their areas of specialty and who serve the university and community with their knowledge.

    The Department provides a comprehensive political science curriculum which:

    • Enables students to understand and write about political and legal questions of governance of global, national, regional, and local significance.
    • Equips its graduates for employment in private enterprise, government, or to pursue advanced degrees.
    • Provides non majors with a fundamental understanding of global, national, regional, and local politics.
  • Psychology

    The Psychology Department at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs began offering courses in 1967. At that time, David Nichols was the only instructor. Professor Nichols became the first Professor Emeritus in 1986.  In 1977, the Psychology Department began offering an MA in Psychology.  Beginning the early 1980s, the Psychology Department began planning for a doctoral program (PhD) in psychology with an emphasis on aging.

    In 2004, the Psychology Department added a PhD program in Clinical Psychology with Curricular Emphasis in Geropsychology. The first doctoral class of students were accepted in 2004 and awarded its first PhD in 2007. A Trauma Psychology track was added to the PhD program in Clinical Psychology in 2014. Applications for the inaugural class are due January 1, 2015 with first students matriculating in Fall 2015.

  • Sociology

    The UCCS Sociology department is guided by a vision of social justice. We provide methodological and theoretical frameworks to transcend individual experience in order to understand social life.

    We study the broader social structures that are shaped by diverse social identities, systems of stratification, and culture, all in a global context, in order to advance equitable and just social change.

  • Technical Communication & Information Design Program

    The Technical Communication & Information Design (TCID) Program is an academic activity hub for those who enjoy designing, writing, researching and collaborating!

    Whether seeking careers in technical writing or user experience, or planning to pursue graduate degrees, students in the TCID program at UCCS will enhance their credentials and career marketability. Our academic courses are rigorous in that they offer a balance of theory, practical application, technology, collaboration, and working with business and non-profit clients in the Colorado Springs community.

  • Visual & Performing Arts

    Our cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Innovation degrees in Visual and Performing Arts encourages innovative collaboration between art history, film studies, gallery & museum management, music, theatre and visual art.

    The degree is structured to ensure that you'll develop depth in a primary concentration and breadth by taking courses in other disciplines. Through scholarship, performance, and instruction in studio art, film, museum studies & gallery practice, music, and theatre you'll engage in an investigative approach to the arts, which inspires creative practice, critical thinking, and an expansive dialogue about contemporary art.

    You'll receive individual attention in small classes from a diverse group of faculty comprised of professional artists, scholars, and performers who are passionate about the arts.

  • Women’s & Ethnic Studies (WEST) Program

    Women’s and Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary program that brings together faculty from across the campus. The WEST major and minor—as well as our certificate concentrations in Native American and Indigenous Studies, Latino/a Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Global Studies—center on the histories, experiences, and cultural expressions of women and racial or ethnic groups not only in the United States but also across the world. Our approach is intersectional in that it explores the connections among race, class, gender, sexuality, disability and other socially constructed categories.