Spring Communication Awards

Department of Communication Awards

Samuel McKinney
Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Samuel is a General Communications student at UCCS. He has a passion for working with people and took an interest in using various forms of media, such as music, film, and Photoshop. Through working with UCCS he has gotten the opportunity to put together a Public Relations campaign for a local nonprofit company Pike Ride. He has also gotten to use the creative outlets of film editing and Photoshop to put together marketing pieces and a PSA. After graduation Samuel is looking to go into Human Resources and help people on the business side of things.

Genevieve Anna Bourret
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - Digital Filmmaking and Media

Genevieve is a Digital Filmmaking major. From a young age she knew she wanted to spend her life creating. She initially planned to become a writer and later decided to combine that with her interest in film. Through the UCCS film program, Genevieve has had an opportunity to work on many short films and has discovered a passion for editing. After graduation, Genevieve hopes to become an editor for movies and TV shows.

Nathan Vigil
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - Professional Comm

Nathan Vigil is a Professional Communication major with an interest toward the field of public relations. Throughout his time at UCCS, he has had the opportunity to involve himself in a diverse range of activities and groups to further develop his interpersonal skills, which play a vital role in his desired career path. Nathan is a self-motivated, people-oriented problem solver who does not shy away from discomfort, believing that the only way to attain his long-held goals is to push himself. He is ecstatic to graduate and begin applying his knowledge as he sets off on his journey of career exploration.

Ethan Force
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - Sports Comm

Ethan is a Communications major with a focus on Sports Communication. He has been a fan of sports from a young age from when he first watched a football game with his mom many years ago. Once Ethan graduates, he will be the first in his house to finish a bachelor’s degree. After graduating, Ethan hopes to get into sports journalism to create exciting stories about something he has obsessed over most of his life.

Sarai Atchison 
Outstanding Graduate Student

My name is Sarai Atchison, and I graduated with a Master's in Communication Studies at UCCS. This program allowed me to narrow my academic focus to more of my passions and interests of media and sports. In addition to classes, I also participated in an internship at USA Triathlon for school credit, a Social Media Assistantship for the Comm Department, and I also was the Director of Culture for the Graduate School of Communication in my final year. In this position, I had the opportunity to work with my fellow Communication graduate students and organize group outings as well as individual meetings to help support, guide, and share experiences about the communication program. Throughout my time and during all my experiences at UCCS, I feel I have grown to have more confidence and have generated more creativity that has been the fuel for my success in all areas of my life. I now work in my dream job for the Colorado Rockies as an Account Executive for Special Events and Theme Days.