Innovative Research Initiative Awardees

Innovative Research Initiative awardees

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There were ten excellent proposals from faculty groups across the college.

A committee of eight faculty members made recommendations on which of the projects to fund. Based on that, there were two groups that received the awards:

Environmental PFC Impact Collaboration (EPIC) in the Fountain Creek Watershed: Determining the Environmental, Ecological, and Societal Impact of PFCs (Funding level - $125,000)

Investigators: Janel Owens, Kevin Tvrdy, Andy Klocko, Wendy Haggren, James Kovacs, Al Schoffstall, and David Weiss all of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Cerian Gibbes of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies; and Emily Mooney and Amy Klocko of the Department of Biology.

Augmented Reflections of History, Culture, and Environment: Experiencing the Interchange of Plains Indians & Spaniards in Southern Colorado 1500-1850 (Funding level - $100,000)

Investigators: Roger Martinez and Samantha Christiansen of the Department of History; Minette Church of the Department of Anthropology, Fernando Feliu-Moggi of the Department of Languages and Cultures; Michael Larkin of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies; Suzanne MacAulay and Jane Rigler of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts; and Janice Gould of the Department of Women’s and Ethnic Studies