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About the College

The College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

The College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (LAS) is a community of teaching scholars whose mission is to advance an understanding of the human condition and the natural world and communicate this understanding to the people of Colorado and the world at large.

About the College

The College of Letters, Arts, & Sciences provides collaborative programs that:

  • Enrich the community
  • Promote the creation of a vibrant and creative cultural life
  • Strengthen and sustain a productive and responsible economic sector
  • Facilitate the solution of community and regional problems
  • Increase the health and well-being of individuals and groups
  • Support scientific and technological innovation
  • Enhance the understanding and practice of civic duty and responsibility

Letter from the Dean

Letter from the Dean
Spring 2023

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Term!

I write this message right before the start of the 2023 spring term. It’s still quiet and cold across the campus, but the pace is beginning to ramp up as faculty and students return.

Less than a month ago, we celebrated the Summer and Fall Class of 2022 during our college awards ceremony and commencement. We are so proud of their accomplishments as they turn the page and become a forever member of our LAS Mountain Lion family.

Reflecting on 2022, there is much to celebrate and be proud of within our community: hundreds of new graduates, exciting state-of-the-art research and creative work, not to mention the successes and accomplishments of long-time staff and community partners.

As we begin the spring term and turn the calendars to 2023, I encourage you to participate in our multitude of clubs, events and gatherings. Experience the breadth of LAS through the full array of activities in the arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

Together, let’s finish the academic year strong, displaying our support and commitment to LAS and those within our community. Continue your involvement through various leadership roles, committee involvements, student clubs and volunteering. Thank you in advance for engaging others to help make progress on those challenges that matter to you. I am always proud to tell your stories to our alumni, donors, prospective students and community members. Developing people and ideas takes the commitment of every one of us.

Best wishes for a successful Spring term.

L. Lynn Vidler

Academic Programs

LAS offers undergraduate and graduate education that combines interdisciplinary experiences in the liberal arts and sciences, integration of our LAS community with the broader region and world, opportunities for hands-on learning, active problem solving, and creative expression, and a cohesive, inclusive LAS community. 

Discover the variety of degree programs LAS offers, or create your own through Independent Studies. 

Research within LAS

Cutting-edge research opportunities at LAS are part of transformative education in the liberal arts and sciences. LAS graduates are well prepared to continue their education or succeed in changing work environments. 

LAS combines high-quality theoretical education with practical knowledge on applying those theories through relevant research opportunities and the service orientation of giving back to our local and global communities.

LAS Vision Statement

The College of Letters, Arts & Sciences positions students for success in their professional and personal lives through innovative and collaborative teaching, scholarship, and connections with the community and the broader world. LAS affirms and accepts the ideal purposes and traditional goals of all great universities: the creation, interpretation, dissemination, and application of knowledge. The college strives to maintain these goals while formulating and delivering innovative and creative programs.


The college provides collaborative programs that enrich the community, promote the creation of a vibrant and creative cultural life, strengthen, and sustain a productive and responsible economic sector, facilitate the solution of community and regional problems, increase the safety, health, and welfare of individuals and groups, sustain scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the understanding and practice of civic duty and responsibility.

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