2022 LAS Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Kyle Jared Soens
Outstanding Student in Physics
Kyle graduated as an outstanding undergraduate student in Physics, with a GPA of 3.9. While studying at UCCS Kyle has been grateful for meeting many inspiring students and Professors. He also participated in undergraduate research with Prof. Bozhko, studying spin waves in magnetic materials experimentally. Kyle is looking forward to work in the space industry and we wish him best of luck to continue on a successful path. Apart from physics, Kyle is an avid computer hobbyist and has built several computers during the covid pandemic.
Garrett Marshall Wolff
Outstanding Student in Physics
Garrett graduated as an outstanding undergraduate student in Physics, with a GPA of 3.825. Garrett has enjoyed learning from passionate Professors and experiencing the variety of interests and teaching styles amongst faculty. He has taken advantage of the many opportunities provided by UCCS: such as working as a graphic designed for Campus Recreation, taking independent study courses on geomorphology research for Venus with the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI). With those experiences, Garrett had internships at Psyche Inspired program at ASU and will have a research internship at LPI in summer. We wish Garrett best of luck to pursue his aspirations to be a successful planetary scientist and scientific illustrator.

Outstanding Graduate Student

Artek Chalifour
Outstanding Graduate Student in Physics
Artek completed an outstanding PhD dissertation in Physics, clarifying some issues about the magnetic behavior of nanoparticles that have been incorrect for 70 years! Magnetic nanoparticles will be important for a variety of applications including cancer treatments, improving MRI images, and shielding of objects from electromagnetic radiation. Outside of Physics, one of his favorite memories here is getting to walk the 2014 Winter Olympic torch through downtown as the UCCS mascot Boomer. While doing that, he spent time with Miles, the Broncos mascot, and met the flying tomato, Shaun White! It was a cool and unique experience.