LAS Divisional Awards


2022 LAS Awards

LAS Divisional Awards

Danielle Howard (Philosophy)
Outstanding Student in the Humanities
Danielle Howard is very passionate about finding ways to eradicate racial and social injustices. To begin racialized healing and abolishing systematic racism, she believes we must start in our classrooms with the teaching of truthful history and critical thinking so we can start changing racist laws and policies. Her goal is to reform our K-12 education system by removing the sanitized history that is taught, replacing it with an accurate narrative of the genesis of America. Danielle’s senior thesis explains how our education system upholds Charles Mills's Racial Contract.
Evan Senkoff
Outstanding Student in Mathematics and Outstanding Natural Sciences Divisional Student

Evan Senkoff will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in pure mathematics from UCCS. He has lived in Colorado Springs for his entire life. During his time at Air Academy High School, Evan was very active in the marching band. This experience culminated in the opportunity to serve as drumline captain his senior year, as well as to lead the marching band in the 2018 Rose Parade.

Evan has always had a particular interest in algebra, which began when he discovered “Algebra for Dummies” at a local Barnes and Noble. As his mathematical knowledge grew, so too did the opportunities to research in this compelling area of mathematics. In the summer of 2021, Evan participated in an REU at the University of Colorado, Boulder on the topic of Poisson algebras. Furthermore, he has worked with Dr. Greg Oman on a research project concerning strongly unital rings.

In addition to mathematics, Evan is also interested in computer science. Recently, he has discovered a fascination with cybersecurity. Following graduation, Evan hopes to work in the industry, specifically a job that lies in the intersection of mathematics and cybersecurity.

Elizabeth Canright
Outstanding Student in Communication and Outstanding Social Sciences Divisional Student

Elizabeth is a General Communication major with a minor in English Literature. She enjoys the field of communication because of its intersectionality with other disciplines like psychology, sociology, journalism, marketing and current events and is interested in organizational and public relations. During the spring 2022 semester, Elizabeth participated in a graduate assistantship learning best practices in social media management and creating content for the UCCS communication Facebook page. She has been a scholar with the Reisher Scholarship and Reach Your Peak Scholarship and would like to express her deepest gratitude to those two foundations for their support of her undergraduate studies. After graduation, Elizabeth will work in office administration for her husband’s company, Cabinet Craft Finishes. Upon completing her master’s degree in communication, she hopes to teach college communication courses.