2022 LAS Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Hadeel Khammash
Outstanding Student in Biology

Hadeel is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Leadership. She is a proud first generation student and member of the Chancellor’s Leadership Class. Hadeel is also an active member of the UCCS community. In 2019, she started working as a tour guide on campus as well as a peer mentor for the Mountain Lion 360 program. In the Biology department, Hadeel studies the efficiency of targeted gene editing of fission yeast in Dr. Amy Klocko’s lab. She has presented her work at both Mountain Lion Research Day and the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum. Hadeel is also a member of the UCCS Undergraduate Research Academy. After graduating, she plans to enter a Biomedical Sciences graduate program.

Outstanding Graduate Student

Meg Super
Outstanding Graduate Student in Biology

Meg is pursuing her Masters degree in Dr. Olesnicky’s Genetics and Neurobiology research lab in the Biology Department. Meg investigates the role that RNA binding proteins play in nervous system development of Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit fly). Her work has identified many genes, whose dysfunction leads to seizures, making a strong and lasting impact on the field of Neurogenetics. Meg has already received four awards for her research, and was named the 2020 Biology Undergraduate Student of the Year. She has also co-authored a journal article, and is currently preparing two others for publication. She is naturally curious about the world, and tends to question, explore, and appreciate nature. Meg is also interested in primate behavioral ecology, and has collected data on Howler monkeys in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Finally, Meg is an avid runner, cyclist, backpacker, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast.

Legacy Endowment Award

Seta Aghababian
Legacy Endowment Award
Seta is finishing her first year in the Master of Sciences program in the Biology department under the advisement of Dr. Aaron Corcoran. She received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biology from California Lutheran University, where she received numerous academic and research awards for her work studying primate behavior in the Ecuadorian rainforest. At UCCS, Seta is studying the behavior of bats at wind turbines using 3-D thermal videography in an effort to improve wind energy production while minimizing wildlife fatalities.