2020 LAS Awards

Outstanding Students

Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Austin Rhodes, a recipient of the Philosophy department’s Eldon Stevens award for outstanding Philosophy major 2019-2020 has truly earned it. Austin has shown adroitness across all of the classes that he has taken in the Philosophy department. From Greek philosophy to modern Christian theology, Austin has demonstrated a unique ability to delve deep into difficult ideas and emerge with his own complex, yet lucid prose on the matter at hand. As his professor in his Religious Studies courses, I see a humble, yet voracious approach to high level scholarship on religion. This rare facility expressed by Austin is matched with a work ethic that has made our department proud and realistically hopeful for him as he pursues further graduate studies.
Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Hanna Woods takes her philosophical course work personally: the perennial problems that reappear in the history of philosophy are no mere puzzles to be solved with the clever tools of epistemology, but are existential quandaries worthy of individual meditation and linguistic mediation. She has demonstrated a dedication to the life of the mind that goes beyond course requirements in order to satiate her intellectual quandaries.


Timothy A. Duffy Award
After graduating from UCCS this Spring after only his third year, Zack plans to attend Law School next fall where his studies will concentrate on constitutional law. Inspired in large part by the UCCS Philosophy department, especially courses on Political Philosophy, Zack hopes to work as a public interest attorney, specifically, in disability rights advocacy. During his time at UCCS Zack was involved in the UCCS Running Club, the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Competition, COB Career Coaching, and the inaugural semester of the Law Society. He hopes to have the opportunity to continue collaborating with UCCS students and faculty during and after his time in Law School.
Eldon Stevens Award for Outstanding Sr. Thesis
In honor of the memory of Eldon Stevens, the endowment for this award honors the outstanding Senior Thesis of the academic year.