Languages & Cultures 2021

Lang & Cultures

2021 LAS Awards

Sean Bromley 
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - French Minor
Carlos Carreón
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - Spanish Major
Margaret (Maggie) Genevich
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - French Minor
Alexander Hall
Oustanding Undergraduate Student - Japanese Minor
Brianna Kelcy Niklaus
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - German Minor
Brianna has had a full and busy life prior to her UCCS studies with a major in Geography and Environmental Studies and a minor in German. She served in the United States Marine Corps while raising a family of three children with her husband. She soon developed a passion for the German language and culture, and became a popular student mentor in the Department of Languages and Cultures. Brianna has represented German across the campus and specifically at varied club and major/minor student recruitment events. She served as President of the Languages and Cultures Department German Club and was subsequently initiated into the UCCS Sigma Pi chapter of the National German Honor Society. Her efforts include building membership and creating multiple events ranging from film screenings and game night to the now traditional German Club Oktoberfest held on campus at Clyde’s. Brianna impressively served as a TA (Teaching Assistant) to Instructor Andrea Brehm in German introductory courses, which is a pedagogical experience reserved for the most dedicated of students. Indeed, Brianna considers teaching German and bringing together her love of the language and her abilities in Geography and Environmental Studies as part of a graduate study plan. Extended travel abroad in German-speaking Europe is also a learning experience she wants to share with her family. The Department of Languages and Cultures and the German program take great pride in wishing our award-winning student Alles Gute!
McKenzie Parsons
Outstanding Undergraduate Student - Spanish Minor
Oustanding Undergraduate Student - Japanese Minor
The Department gives out annual scholarships of up to $5,000 per student, named in honor of Rick Wunderli, long-time Professor of Medieval History at UCCS. The scholarship comes from an endowment established by Judith Price (1944-2012), a long-time Instructor in the Department.