LAS Faculty Awards 2021


2021 LAS Awards

Faculty Awards

Tara Cepon-Robins
Outstanding Research / Creative Works Award
Tara Cepon-Robins' research explores how social and economic change, environmental marginalization, and inequality alter parasite exposure and bacterial diversity and how this change contributes to immune dysregulation. She conducts this research among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador with the Shuar Health and Life History Project, as well as in her own recently developed project in the southeastern United States (the Rural Embodiment and Child Health Project). Dr. Cepon-Robins is interested in combining technologies from microbiology, genetics, and anthropology in order to understand the role that bacterial and helminth exposure plays in immune function, growth, development, and health.
Lesley Ginsberg
Outstanding Teaching Award - Online Teaching Category
Lesley Ginsberg holds a Ph.D. in English from Stanford University. She arrived at UCCS after completing an AAS-NEH postdoctoral fellowship in 1998. Her interest in antebellum American literature and culture extends to children’s literature and discourses of childhood, the Gothic, gender, animal studies, and print culture/history of the book. Her work has appeared in American Literature, Studies in American Fiction, and the Nathaniel Hawthorne Review. Her essays may be found in volumes ranging from American Gothic (U of Iowa P, 1998) to The Children’s Table: Childhood Studies and the Humanities (U of Georgia P, 2012). Her recent projects include a collection of essays, Romantic Education in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: National and Transatlantic Contexts, edited with Monika M. Elbert, forthcoming from Routledge.
Ben Graf
Outstanding Teaching Award - Graduate / Lecturer Category
A current MA student in the Department of Psychology, Ben Graf is recognized for his dedication to student success in which he provides detailed and extensive feedback for student learning in the laboratory sections associated with PSY 2110, Introduction to Psychology Research & Measurement. Ben’s teaching philosophy is mature and well developed, highlighting four themes: 1) Human before student; 2) Learn from students; 3) Authentic engagement, agency, and motivation; and 4) Teaching is a legacy.
Kristi McCann
Outstanding Teaching Award - IRC Faculty Category
Kristi McCann grew up near Colorado Springs and earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCCS. She has been involved in many projects that bring innovative teaching strategies and community partnerships to engage K-12 learners in the application of science to the real world. Kristi is currently teaching Intro to Chemistry and Intro to Biochemistry courses geared toward nursing and health science majors.
Max Shulman
Outstanding Teaching Award - Tenure Track Category
Max Shulman is an assistant professor of theatre in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. He holds a doctorate in theatre history from Tufts University. His forthcoming book The American Pipe Dream: Performance of Drug Addiction, 1890-1940 will be published by Iowa University Press. He is the co-editor of the recent collection Performing the Progressive Era: Immigration, Nationalism, and Urban Life. At UCCS, he is the director of the HomeFront Theatre Project that creates performance events around issues affecting our veteran and active duty communities. His research has been published in Modern Drama, Theatre Topics, Theatre Annual, Studies in American Jewish Literature, and on His research interests include Progressive Era Theatre, popular culture, the history of Counter Culture movements, and political theatre.

Staff Award

Jeremy Click, Program Asst. VAPA
LAS Outstanding Staff Award
Jeremy Click is an ambassador for the arts. In that way, he has been an invaluable support in the strength and growth of VAPA in the past six years. A strong VAPA is a huge boost to the regional and national reputation of UCCS, and Jeremy has been part of that growth. One of Jeremy’s biggest campus accomplishments was working with Dean Michael Kisley on the staff conditions in LAS. The result of these efforts is that Classified Staff now have the option to convert their position into University Staff positions if they meet all the requirements. The conversion allows LAS Staff to have the potential for pay increases due to merit and accomplishments, whereas Classified Staff do not. In this way, Jeremy is always looking out for his colleagues and fighting for equity and better conditions. Jeremy Click sets the bar for a University and College-focused administrative assistant.