English 2021


2021 LAS Awards

Vanessa Banks
Patricia Ann Gray Scholarship
The Patricia Ann Gray Scholarship is a need based award for continuing students at UCCS who have completed at least nine (9) credits of 2000-level or above English and have a 3.0 Cumulative GPA in those courses. Ideal applicants are older than the traditional student returning to college after a change in their life circumstances. As many as two students will receive awards ranging from $300-$1,400. Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid before March 1st to be considered for the award.
Ange Ferrantelli
Outstanding English Rhetoric & Writing Undergraduate Student
Ange brings insightful and informed perspectives to their analytical work in rhetoric and writing, and they are deeply committed to activism in support of disabled individuals and members of the LGBTQ community. In their class contributions, they regularly elevated the discourse by drawing attention to issues faced by members of these communities and by advocating for support and resources for members of these communities. Ange's coursework was consistently thorough and carefully presented. Ange was truly a community-builder in their workshopping of creative works, contributions to the editorial work of the riverrun Literary & Arts Journal, and attention to inclusive rhetorical practices. 
Brian Ortiz-Soto
Outstanding English Secondary Education Undergraduate Student
Brian has been an exemplary English major in the Secondary Education emphasis: his 4.0 English GPA reflects the consistent sophistication of his writing and critical thought, the depth of his research for assignments, the originality of his ideas, and his investment in learning. Moreover, Brian regularly connected his study of literature, rhetoric, and writing to his goal to become a teacher; for example, by writing memorably about the importance of Logic’s song “1-800-293-8255” (the Suicide Hotline number) to teens’ mental health awareness and by conducting extensive research—including surveying pre-service teachers and interviewing a practicing teacher—to write about constructing teaching personae.  
Quincy Duncan Ryan
Outstanding English Literature Undergraduate Student
Quincy’s excellence as an English major in the Literature emphasis is evident in his sophisticated writing about complex subjects, such as in an essay he wrote about the intersection of race, sexuality, and historical context in James Baldwin’s essays. He was consistently attentive to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the literature he chose to analyze and the critical insights he asserted. And his contributions to discussions of literature routinely demonstrated his willingness to listen and his ability to respond insightfully. His coursework was also marked by significant creativity—one of Quincy’s drawings that he submitted along with a piece of critical analysis hangs on the wall of an English faculty person’s offic​e.  
Chloe Brooke Storm Howard
Outstanding English Elementary Education Undergraduate Student
Chloe’s achievements as an English major in the Elementary Education emphasis indicate her willingness to take on intellectual challenges. She excelled in a course when she could research and write about teaching writing to elementary students as well as in a senior seminar about complex literary theory and criticism. As an editor in the riverrun Literary & Arts Journal course, she stepped up to offer support and complete work every time a need was voiced. Chloe has excelled in her coursework while maintaining calm reliability, willingness to collaborate, and a refreshingly positive attitude.  
Summer Wilson
Evan J. Scott Endowed Scholarship
The Evan J. Scott Endowed English Scholarship fund provides scholarship awards to students who are enrolled in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences who are majoring in English with a focus in a literature or secondary education track. To qualify students must be sophomore level or higher, and demonstrate they have an Expected Family Contribution below 250% of Pell Grant eligibility by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st. Preference will be given to students who come from Colorado Springs School District 11, Fountain-Fort Carson District 8, Wideflield Should read Widefield! School District, or Harrison School District 2. Students are encouraged to reapply for this award each year.