Economics 2021


2021 LAS Awards

Delanie Duplessis
Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Economics
Delanie Duplessis was chosen as an Outstanding Economics Major in for 2020-21. She is one of the few women majors of color in a field that is known nationally for not having many women or underrepresented minorities. Professors recognize her as a top student and say this of her work: “she capably characterized the many and varied specific institutional and organizational approaches to land conservation and preservation activities as described by Elinor Ostrom’s idea of polycentric governance” and “her senior seminar project is an interesting assessment of the differing approaches economists have taken with respect to the idea of political entrepreneurship”. She has served as a tutor in the Economics Tutor Lab since 2018, assisting students during the entire period, as well as during COVID-19, when the tutor lab had to move online. She was part of the QUAD Innovation partnership, collaborating with a team of students from UCCS, USAFA, Colorado College, and Pikes Peak Community College to conduct research on the impact of Covid-19 on the nonprofit industry. She had a UCCS Fellowship with T. Rowe Price and served as the UCCS LAS Peak Ambassador from economics. Her devotion to the subject and department is superlative.
Cade Easton
Cushman Fellow
Cade Easton was awarded the Elizabeth Cushman Public Policy Internship for spring 2021. Cade is an economics major and math minor. He came to UCCS after serving in the U. S. Army from 2014-2017 (honorable discharge), and earning an AA in Economics at Pikes Peak Community College. As an intern, Cade has worked with empirical data and conducted scholarly research in labor economics. He reports the most rewarding aspects for him have been studying John R. Commons’ Legal Foundations of Capitalism and learning more about the history and patterns of worker exploitation. After graduating, Cade hopes to further his education in pluralist and progressive economics.
Brandon Richardson
Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Economics
Brandon Richardson was chosen as an Outstanding Economics Major in for 2020-21. He is known to all his professors an exceptional student. While there are many excellent students in the economics program, Brandon stands out for his achievements in both economics and political science. His professors say “Brandon’s excellence is in his ability to apply interdisciplinary concepts, while showing strong grasp of economic theory” and “his senior thesis showing how the governments’ stand towards competition policy has altered course over the decades is unique work, well-conceived and analyzed”. His interest in research is notable and he is currently an intern at the Independence Institute in Denver. After graduation, Brandon plans to head to Washington D.C. to work in in research on policy.