2021 Campus Awards


LAS 2021 Awards

Laura Austin-Eurich
Sr. Instructor, Communication, Michelle Neely Award
The LAS Teaching Committee and Campus Awards Committee would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Ms. Laura Austin-Eurich as the recipient of the Michelle Neely Memorial Award! We appreciated the opportunity to review Laura’s dossier, and we felt that the evidence provided aligned so well with Michelle’s work on the UCCS campus: teaching and mentoring across the curriculum, mentoring faculty members to become better teachers, and care for student success. Evidence of Laura’s demonstrated impact across the curriculum through her work with the Scribe, Teaching Circles, the GPS and Compass Curriculum Leadership Team, and IRC faculty membership in addition to work within the Department of Communication are all admirable and speak to her impact on the campus.
Robert von Dassanowsky
Professor of German and Film Studies, CU Distinguished Professor Award
Daphne Greenwood, Professor of Economics
Campus Legacy Builder
K. Maja Krakowiak
Associate Professor, Communication, UCCS Faculty Assembly Service Award
Kristi McCann, Instructor Chemistry & Biochemistry
Students’ Choice Award for Educator of the Year
Kevin Tvrdy
Associatee Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCCS Outstanding Teacher Award